Grass Roots Construction. . .

that lets the environment dictate successful project management, making our services aligned with nature and affordably GREEN!
We utilize cutting edge alternative material and design including, earthblock,strawbale,SIPs, passive solar design, creative repurposing (reuse of building material) energy audits, solar and wind power as well as sustainable site planning. Call us today for a complimentary estimate and energy audit
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Pictures below left to right : 1.Bathroom using reconditioned claw foot tub that believe it or not was used as a watering trough on an old farm, repurposed dresser for vanity and  walls painted with zero VOC paint, floor "rug" painted with zero VOC paint and sealed with soy based wax   2. Kitchen remodel island top constructed from reclaimed barn boards 3. Residential pavillion built using reclaimed materials. 4. Framing using locally sourced lumber over existing structure circa 1850 to be clad with SIPs panels in effort to preserve and to increase energy efficiency. 5. Painted floor using zero VOC paint. 6. Our customer hated the look of the "typical recycling bin" so we created this one using old crates and a discarded jelly cupboard. The crates are lined with plastic tubs to keep any moisture away from the crates and cupboard.

Renewable Energy. . .

 life sources that are replenished through infinite natural offerings. Our renewable energy services include solar power,passive solar design to include solar furnaces and solar slabs, wind power, geo-thermal heat pump systems, creative convection to heat and cool, up to date tax incentive information and complimentary asessments by appointment. eCycle Green Collective can help you with all your renewable energy choices including installation.Cal today for a complimentary estimate or energy audit 540-931-5302 or 540-323-0888